We use the same KW login credentials to log in to mykw.kw.com, kwconnect.com, and Command. If you are unable to log in to the system, click here to find out how to reset your password. If you are able to log in, but want to update your login credentials, follow the steps below:

First, log in to mykw.kw.com, with your KW login credentials.

Change Your Password

1. Hover over Technology, at the top of the page, and select Change Password from the drop-down list.

2. Enter and confirm your new password, then make sure to update the Password Recovery Email address.

3. Click Submit to save. 

Change Your Username

1. Click Profile, next to your profile picture.

2. The Username field is the third field from the top. Replace your current Username with the new, keeping in mind that the Username will not be case sensitive. 

3. Click Save, at the bottom of the profile.