What’s the most comprehensive, time-efficient way to stay on top of everything at Keller Williams? Emails sent by your support system at Keller Williams HQ. With content directly influenced by KW leadership, you’ll get what you need to build a winning business whether you’re resubscribing or customizing your subscription.

For example, KW Now – your quintessential, Wednesday must-read – consistently delivers valuable information from the following categories (and then some):

  • Technology updates and launches
  • Exclusive tips and tricks to grow your business, shared by mega agents and leaders
  • Crucial operational alerts and upcoming dates
  • Critical training opportunities
  • KW news and wins to share with your sphere of influence

And now, the even better news: your subscription isn’t all-or-nothing. You can customize the type of communication you receive by subscribing to, or unsubscribing from, specific KW email categories.

Emails sent specifically to Regional and Market Center leadership are not included in the email categories that can be subscribed to or unsubscribed from. To receive these emails, you must have the appropriate leadership role added to your KW White Pages profile.

If you find that you are not receiving any emails from KW, first, check your email inbox and look in the trash, junk, or spam folders. The emails that are sent from KWRI come from the email address “bounce2@kw.com,” though you might see different display names, depending on the type of email that is being sent.

Search for this email address, and you might find that these emails are going to the folders mentioned above. You can then adjust the settings in your email platform to make sure these messages hit your primary inbox.

If you still can't find any of these emails, you might be unsubscribed. To learn how to resubscribe to specific categories of KW emails, follow the steps below:

1. Go to https://go.kw.com/opt-in-email-page

2. Enter the email address that is associated with your KW White Pages profile, in the field provided.

Emails from KWRI are always sent to the email address you have entered into your KW White Pages profile. To resubscribe, you must enter this email address. If you enter a different email address than what is in your KW White Pages profile, the resubscribe will not work.

Learn how to access and complete your KW White Pages profile


3. The user will scroll down that page and select the types of emails/communications that they would like to receive. After that selection has been made, click Submit.